PEPPERL+FUCHS 100% New & Original Palm Button PB2-008-6 With Very competitive price & one year Warranty

New & Original
PEPPERL+FUCHS 100% New & Original Palm Button PB2-008-6 With Very competitive price & one year Warranty
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PEPPERL+FUCHS Palm Button PB2-008-6




Product Description

Palm Button

General specifications

Description  hand sensitive actuation


Nominal ratings

Operating voltage    24 V DC

Current consumption      100 mA

Indicators/operating means

Switching state   1 LED


Number/Type    2 NO; 2 NC

Output type Contact set ;

Relay output

(contacts are one-way guided)

Switching voltage     max. 250 V AC

Switching current      1 A AC/DC ( resistive load and inductive load )

Switch-on delay   60 ms

Switch-off delay  80 ms

Mechanical life    5 x 107

Electrical life  5 x 106

Electromagnetic compatibility

Electrostatic discharge   

Contact discharging  8 kV

Electromagnetic fields    

Radio frequency immunity IEC61000-4-3   10 V/m , see note 1

Burst IEC 61000-4-4 4 kV

Surge IEC 61000-4-5 symmetrical: 500 V

asymmetrical: 500 V

Conducted noise immunity IEC 61000-4-6 10 V rms , see note 1



Inductive analog sensor IA6-12GM50-IU-V1 
Inductive sensor NBB0,6-3M22-E2
Inductive sensor NBB0,6-4GM22-E2
Inductive sensor NBB0,8-4M25-E2
Inductive sensor NBB0,8-4M25-E2-V3
Inductive sensor NBB0,8-5GM25-E2
Inductive sensor NBB0,8-5GM25-E2-V3
Inductive sensor NBB0,8-F141-E2
Inductive sensor NBB1,5-5GM25-E2-V3
Inductive sensor NBB1,5-8GM40-Z0
Inductive sensor NBB1,5-F41-E2
Inductive sensor NBB1,5-F41-E2-V3
Inductive sensor NBB1,5-F79-E2
Inductive sensor NBB1-3M22-E2
Inductive sensor NBB1-4GM22-E2
Inductive sensor NBB10-30GM40-Z0
Inductive sensor NBB10-30GM50-WS
Inductive sensor NBB15-30GM50-E2
Inductive sensor NBB15-30GM50-E2-V1
Inductive sensor NBB20-U1-Z2
Inductive sensor NBB20-U1K-N0
Inductive sensor NBB3-V3-Z4
Inductive sensor NBB4-12GM30-E2
Inductive sensor NBB4-12GM30-E2-V1
Inductive sensor NBB4-12GM50-E2
Inductive sensor NBB4-12GM50-E2-M
Capacitive sensor CBB4-12GH60-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CBB4-12GH70-E2
Capacitive sensor CBB8-18GS75-E2
Capacitive sensor CBB8-18GS75-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CBN10-F46-E2
Capacitive sensor CBN15-18GS75-E2
Capacitive sensor CBN15-18GS75-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CBN2-F46-E2
Capacitive sensor CBN5-F46-E2
Capacitive sensor CBN8-12GH60-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CCN15-30GS60-A2
Capacitive sensor CCN15-30GS60-A2-V1
Capacitive sensor CCN15-30GS60-E2
Capacitive sensor CCN15-30GS60-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CBN12-F64-E2
Capacitive sensor CBB10-30GKK-A2
Capacitive sensor CBB10-30GKK-W
Capacitive sensor CBB4-12GH70-E0
Capacitive sensor CBB8-18GK75-E2-V1
Capacitive sensor CBN10-F46-E2-10M
Magnetic field sensor MB60-12GM50-E2
Magnetic field sensor MB60-8GM50-E2
Magnetic field sensor MC60-12GM50-1N-V1
Magnetic field sensor MB-F32-A2 Proximity 
Magnetic field sensor MB80-12GM50-E0-PUR
Magnetic field sensor MJ35-F12-1N
Magnetic field sensor MMB60-12GH50-E2-V1
Magnetic field sensor MMB70-18GH50-E2-V1
Magnetic field sensor 40FR1-3
Magnetic field sensor 40FR1-33
Magnetic field sensor 40FY26-020
Magnetic field sensor 40FY26-33 
Magnetic field sensor 40FY28-020
Magnetic field sensor 4FR1-6
Magnetic field sensor 50FR2-3-1
Magnetic field sensor 50FY41-12
Magnetic field sensor 6FR1-6
Magnetic field sensor MJ35-F12-1N-5M
Magnetic field sensor MMB60-12H50-E2-V1
Magnetic field sensor 40FY28-33
Magnetic field sensor 40FY36-030
Magnetic field sensor 40FY36-33
Magnetic field sensor 40FY38-50

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