ABB E16DU-1.0 , 1SAX111001R1102 Electronic Overload Relay New & Original with one year Warranty

New & Original
E16DU-1.0 , 1SAX111001R1102
ABB E16DU-1.0 , 1SAX111001R1102 Electronic Overload Relay New & Original  with one year Warranty
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ABB E16DU-1.0 , 1SAX111001R1102 Electronic Overload Relay New & Original  with one year Warranty 

General Information

    • Extended Product Type:

    • E16DU-1.0

    • Product ID:

    • 1SAX111001R1102

    • EAN:

    • 4013614395239

    • Catalog Description:

    • E16DU-1.0 Electronic Overload Relay

    • Long Description:

    • The E16DU-1.0 is an self-supplied electronic overload relay, which means no extra external supply is needed. It offers reliable and fast protection for motors in the event of overload or phase failure. Easy to use like a thermal overload relay and compatible with standard motor applications, the electronic overload relay is convincing, above all, due to its wide setting range, high accuracy, high operational temperature range and the possibility to select a trip class (10E, 20E, 30E). Further features are the temperature compensation, trip contact (NC), signal contact (NO), automatic- or manual reset selectable, trip-free mechanism, STOP- and Test function and a trip indication. The overload relays are connected directly to the contactors. Single mounting kits are available as accessory.


    • Minimum Order Quantity:

    • 1 piece

    • Customs Tariff Number:

    • 85364900


    • Product Net Width:

    • 44.4 mm

    • Product Net Height:

    • 74.6 mm

    • Product Net Depth / Length:

    • 57 mm

    • Product Net Weight:

    • 0.15 kg

E16DU-18.9 details1

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