Endress + Hauser 1-channel transmitter Liquiline Compact CM82 New & Original With very Competitive price and One year Warranty

New & Original
Endress + Hauser 1-channel transmitter Liquiline Compact CM82 New & Original With very Competitive price and One year Warranty
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Endress + Hauser 1-channel transmitter Liquiline Compact CM82


Multiparameter field device for hazardous and non-hazardous applications in all industries

The Liquiline Compact CM82 is the smallest transmitter for Memosens sensors. Its slender housing measures 

only 11 cm long and 2 cm wide, including a connection to which you can attach your sensor directly, without a cable. 

Together with the sensor, it fits into most assemblies and 

couldn’t be easier to install. Via a uniquely secure Bluetooth connection, you can see all nearby CM82 measuring points 

on your tablets or smartphones and operate them conveniently from a distance.



Easy operation:

Use your existing tablets and smartphones for operation and commissioning.

Fast and reliable:

A secure Bluetooth connection allows you to check measuring points that are dangerous or difficult to access from a safe distance.

Benefit from all the advantages of Memosens technology:

Memosens sensors offer you the safest data transmission, the highest measured value availability and total ease of use.

Space-saving installation:

The two-wire device fits inside an assembly and does not require its own power supply.

Suitable for all locations:

Whether your measuring point is exposed to dust, vapor, rain, snow, heat or cold, the CM82 will always be exactly the right transmitter for you.


Field of application

Liquiline Compact CM82 can be used in all industries and their utilities and supports all sensors with the blue Memosens plug-in head:

pH sensors

ORP sensors

Conductivity sensors

Oxygen sensors

Chlorine sensors

The loop-powered two-wire transmitter features the following protocols and interfaces:

4...20 mA



With its international explosion protection approvals, such as IECEx, ATEX, and CSA, the Liquiline Compact 

CM82 is suitable for hazardous area use.



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