Endress + Hauser Proline Promag W300 Electromagnetic flowmeter 100% New & Original With very Competitive price

New & Original
W300 Series
Endress + Hauser Proline Promag W300 Electromagnetic flowmeter 100% New & Original With very Competitive price
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Endress + Hauser Proline Promag W300 Electromagnetic flowmeter


Specialist for demanding water & wastewater applications with compact, easily accessible transmitter


The premium device for water and wastewater measurement Promag W 300 was designed for reliable use in 

hazardous areas and under harsh conditions. Its compact transmitter offers high flexibility in terms of operation and system

integration: access from one side, remote display and improved connectivity options. 

Heartbeat Technology ensures compliance and process safety at all times.



Flexible engineering – sensor with welded or lap-joint process connections

Reliable measurement – accurate measured values even with 0 DN inlet run

Improved plant availability – sensor compliant with industry-specific requirements

Full access to process and diagnostic information – numerous, freely combinable I/Os and fieldbuses

Reduced complexity and variety – freely configurable I/O functionality

Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology


Field of application

The bidirectional measuring principle is virtually independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity

Dedicated to the measurement of industrial or municipal water and wastewater

Device properties

International drinking water approvals

Compact dual-compartment housing with up to 3 I/Os

Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access

Remote display available

W 300_meitu_3


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