Endress + Hauser Thermophant T TTR31 Temperature switch 100% New & Original with very Competitive Price & One Year Warranty

New & Original
Endress + Hauser Thermophant T TTR31 Temperature switch 100% New & Original with very Competitive Price & One Year Warranty
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Endress + Hauser Thermophant T TTR31 Temperature switch


Compact and cost-saving for safe monitoring of process temperatures


Cost efficiency, optimal use of space, reliable operation, easy installation and commissioning indicate modern 

process measuring technology. The temperature switch completely fulfills these requirements. 

Designed for the safe measurement and monitoring of process temperatures it can be selected between one 

or two switch outputs as well as one switch output and one standardized analog output. 

Vibration-proof integrated thin-film sensors guarantee highest operational safety.



Integrated switching electronics for decentral and economic process monitoring and control

High reproducibility and long-term stability

Function control and information on-site thanks to LEDs and digital display

Long-term stable temperature sensor made of platinum (Pt100 class A as per IEC 60751)

High accuracy across the entire ambient temperature range and short response time

Operation and visualisation also with PC and FieldCare or ReadWin 2000 configuration software



Field of application

Temperature switch for the monitoring, display and control of process temperatures in a range from -50 to 150 °C (-58 to 302 °F). 

Thermophant T TTR 31- with thread connections or coupling.

Electronic versions:

One PNP switch output

Two PNP switch outputs

2 x PNP switch outputs or one PNP switch output and 4 to 20 mA output (active)



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Thermophant T TTR31 Temperature switch

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