YOKOGAWA Multifunction Calibrator CA150 (Handheld) New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty

New & Original
YOKOGAWA Multifunction Calibrator CA150 (Handheld) New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty
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In Stock YOKOGAWA Multifunction Calibrator CA150 (Handheld) New & Original 




The CA150 Handy Calibrator is a portable, multi-function calibration device that can handle a wide variety of tasks 

ranging from verifying multimeters, temperature controllers, and freqency meters. It is able to precisely source and 

measure voltage, current, resistance, pulse and thermoelectromotive force signals, as well as generate 

specialized outputs such as signal stepping and ramping. The unit can be battery powered for true portability, or connected to an AC outlet. 



Field instruments are seen across all industrial and process control sectors. They ensure plant operation integirty though 

converting enviromental phenomena such as pressure, sound, temperature, humidity and flow into measurable quantities such as resistance, voltage, and current. 

These quantities enable large distributed control systems to efficienty monitor these operations. 

To maintain the reliability of these field instruments, calibration devices are employed. 

These devices must be portable, accurate, and multi-purpose to handle any situation in harsh field enviroments. Yokogawa's CA150 achives this by its:


  • Fetauring superior source and measurement accuracy, the unit is ideally suited for verifying and calibrating field instruments

Varied Functionality

  • Combined the capabilities of several instruments into one, compact unit

  • Simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, RTD and thermocouples, and pulse signals

  • Generate test conditions such as output stepping, ramping, and custom test patterns

Ease of use

  • Intuitive controls and a clear display allow your personnel to quickly and effiiciently perform their maintenance duties

  • Portable, light-weight, and battery powered. Take it anywhere in the field 

Vertical Hand-Held CalibratorEasy-to-hold vertical body is designed to make it intuitively easy to operate, as individual functions are accessed directly by pressing assigned keys.
Using the main body case (model No. 93027) (sold separately), you can hang CA150 to your body or a handrail to keep it handy.
Simultaneous Source and Measurement for Process DevicesIn conventional calibration applications, multiple devices such as a standard generator, dial resistor and multi-meter were required. Now with a single CA150 unit, it is possible to perform operation check at regular inspection and maintenance of thermocouples, RTDs and instruments, as well as maintenance and equipment diagnosis of process devices such as transmitters, thermostats and signal converters.
Loop Power Supply FunctionIt is possible to measure generated current signals while supplying loop power 24 VDC from a two-wire type transmitter (up to 22 mADC).
Highly Accurate and Multi-Functional Source and MeasurementHigh accuracy: 0.02% for the source unit and 0.02% for the measurement unit
Source and Measurement functions: DCV voltage, DC mA, ohm, frequency and temperature (thermocouple, RTD) and 24 VDC power supply function for transmitters
Output FunctionsAutomatic Output Functions
  • Step sweep function
    This function changes the output in a staircase (step) pattern at fixed intervals.

  • Linear sweep function
    This function increases (or decreases) the output linearly with respect to the generated value.

  • Program sweep function
    This function outputs source setting values stored by the data memory function sequentially in the order they are stored in the memory.

Communication FunctionsSerial interface RS232 D-Sub 9-pin connector
Memory FunctionData can be stored and loaded in setting memory (setting data) and data memory (source/measurement).
  • Setting memory
    This function saves/loads setting conditions.
    Up to 21 data items can be stored. Settings for (source/measurement) functions, ranges, generated values/measured values as well as setting mode conditions can be stored.

  • Data memory
    This function saves source and measure values displayed.
    Up to 100 data items can be stored. Storage date/time, (source/measurement) functions, ranges and generated values/measured values can be stored. Stored data can be checked on the display of the main unit as well as via communication.

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