SIEMENS Hot Sale Positioner SIPART PS100 Easy to operate and simply robust New & Original with very competitive price

New & Original
SIEMENS Hot Sale Positioner SIPART PS100 Easy to operate and simply robust New & Original with very competitive price
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SIEMENS Positioner SIPART PS100 Easy to operate and simply robust 

New & Original with very competitive price 





One that masters the essential

With the SIPART PS100 we extend our smart positioner portfolio. It is the right choice whenever you need a reliable controller for standard applications. 

Its ease and speed of initialization make it a winner for valve manufacturers, 

the chemical industry, the energy sector, and many other fields.  The SIPART PS100 is available in two enclosure versions: aluminum or polycarbonate cover.


SIPART PS100 positioner with inspection window

The SIPART PS100 electropneumatic positioners are used to control the valve or damper position of pneumatic linear or part-turn actuators. 

The SIPART PS100 electropneumatic positioners control the valve according to the setpoint value.



The SIPART PS100 positioners offer the following advantages:

  • Fast commissioning at the push of a button

  • Simple operation via the display and four buttons

  • Display symbols according to NAMUR NE 107

  • Negligible air consumption in stationary operation

  • Setting the application profile based on predefined selection options, e.g. tight-closing valve, open/close valve, small valve

  • Fast response in end positions ensures short positioning times and tight valves

  • Insensitive to vibrations and steam hammer

  • Leakage compensation ensures a constant actual value and protects the actuator

  • Only one device version for linear and part-turn actuators





The SIPART PS100 positioner is used, for example, in the following industries:

  • Valve manufacturing

  • Chemical industry

  • Power stations

  • Paper and glass

  • Water and wastewater

  • Food and pharmaceuticals

The SIPART PS100 positioner can be used with pneumatic actuators and an analog input (AI), 4 to 20 mA.



The SIPART PS100 positioner comprises the following components:

  • Enclosure (base plate with cover)

  • Electronics

  • Wear-free, contact-free position detection

  • Pneumatic block

The pneumatic block is located in the enclosure, the pneumatic connections for the inlet air and the positioning pressure on the right-hand side of the enclosure. 

The electrical connections are located on the left-hand side of the enclosure.
The SIPART PS100 positioner is fitted to the relevant pneumatic linear or part-turn actuator using an appropriate mounting kit. 

The positioner shaft is located on the underside of the base plate. The positioner shaft is connected to the spindle of the linear actuator or the actuator shaft of the part-turn actuator using the mounting kit.

The electronics are available with the following options:

  • Analog output (AO) 4 to 20 mA
    The current position of the valve is converted into a 4 to 20 mA signal.

  • Digital input and digital output (DI and DO)
    Output of an alarm in the event of a control deviation or a device fault.
    Approach of a defined valve position, disabling of keys, blocking of valve by means of digital input.




Local operation is performed using the built-in display and the four buttons. It enables, for example:

  • Starting automatic commissioning with the press of a button

  • Configuring the device

  • Switching between the operating modes:

    • AUTO: The positioner controls the valve according to the analog input (AI) 4 to 20 mA

    • MANUAL: Valve movement with the middle keys

A hallmark of the SIPART PS100 is its own extremely low consumption of air. Thanks to the piezoelectric technology, 

compressed air is only required to move the valve. In the controlled state, consumption of air is negligible.



Technical specifications


Analog input AI, terminal 6 and 7

  • Nominal signal range

4 ... 20 mA

  • Minimum current to maintain operation

3.8 mA

  • Maximum load voltage

6.5 V (corresponds to 325 Ω at 20 mA)

  • Static destruction limit

± 40 mA

Digital input (DI), terminals 9 and 10

  • Electrical isolation

Electrically connected to analog input

Electrically isolated from the outputs

  • Signal state 0, floating contact open

> 300 kΩ

  • Signal state 1, floating contact closed

< 3 kΩ

  • Contact load

Suitable only for floating contact; max. contact load < 20 μA, 3 V


Analog output (AO), terminals 61 and 62

  • Type of connection

2-wire connection

  • Nominal signal range

4 ... 20 mA

  • Total operating range IO

3.6 ... 20.5 mA

  • Supply voltage UH

12 ... 30 V

  • External load R[kΩ]

≤ (UH [V] - 12 V)/IO [mA]

  • Resolution in relation to the nominal signal range


  • Transmission error in relation to the nominal signal range

± 0.3%

  • Effect of ambient temperature

± 0.1%/10K

  • Maximum residual ripple

± 0.5%

  • Electrical isolation

Electrically isolated from the other electrical inputs and outputs

Digital output (DO), terminals 31 and 32

  • Maximum supply voltage UH

35 V

  • External current consumption

To be limited to 50 mA

  • Signal status High

Conductive, maximum terminal voltage 3 V

  • Signal status Low
    The status is also Low if the device is faulty or analog input (AI) = 0 mA.

Blocked, I < 60 µA

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