SIEMENS Hot Sale Pointek CLS200 Process Instrumentation Level Measurement Point Level New & Original with very competitive price

New & Original
SIEMENS Hot Sale Pointek CLS200 Process Instrumentation Level Measurement Point Level New & Original with very competitive price
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SIEMENS Pointek CLS200 Process Instrumentation 

Level Measurement Point Level New & Original  





Pointek CLS200 (standard version) is a versatile inverse frequency shift capacitance level and material detection 

switch with optional rod/cable choices and configurable output. CLS200 is ideal for detection 

of liquids, solids, slurries, foam, and interfaces and has the ability to tune out buildup on the probe.



  • Potted construction protects signal circuit from shock, vibration, humidity, and/or condensation

  • High chemical resistance

  • Level detection independent of tank or pipe earth reference

  • Insensitive to product buildup due to high frequency oscillation

  • 3 LED indicators for sensor status, output status, and power

  • Suitable for API 2350



Pointek CLS200 standard version has 3 LED indicators with basic relay and solid-state switch alarms. Universal switch for solids/liquids and interface.

The power supply is galvanically isolated and accepts a wide range of voltages (12 to 250 V AC/DC). 

When used with thermal isolator, the stainless steel and PPS (PVDF optional) materials 

used in the probe construction provide a temperature rating up to 125 °C (257 °F) on the process wetted portion of the probe. 

The switch responds to any material with a dielectric constant of 1.5 or more by detecting a change 

in oscillating frequency, and it can be set to detect before contact or on contact with the probe. 

The CLS200 operates independently of the tank wall or pipe so it does not require an external reference 

electrode for level detection in a non-conductive vessel such as concrete or plastic (EMC regulations applicable in some regions).

  • Key Applications: liquids, slurries, powders, granules, pressurized applications, hazardous areas



Technical specifications

Mode of operation

Measuring principle

Inverse frequency shift capacitive level detection


Measured variable

Change in picoFarad (pF)


Output signal

  • Relay output

1 SPDT Form C relay

  • Max. contact voltage

  • 30 V DC 

  • 250 V AC

  • Max. contact current

  • 5 A DC

  • 8 A AC

  • Max. switching capacity

150 W DC

2 000 VA AC

  • Time delay (ON and/or OFF)

1 ... 60 s

  • Solid-state output

  • Output

Galvanically isolated

  • Protection

Against reversed polarity (bipolar)

  • Max. switching voltage

  • 30 V DC

  • 30 V peak AC

  • Max. load current

82 mA

  • Voltage drop

< 1 V, typical at 50 mA

  • Time delay (pre or post switching)

1 ... 60 s

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