SIEMENS Hot Sale SITRANS FS220 Process Instrumentation Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Clamp-on Brand New with Very Good discount

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SIEMENS Hot Sale SITRANS FS220 Process Instrumentation Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Clamp-on Brand New with Very Good discount
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SIEMENS SITRANS FS220 Process Instrumentation 

Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Clamp-on Brand New




The SITRANS FS220 digital clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter provides the most essential flow measurement functionalities with superior accuracy, 

cost efficiency and ease of use. It is the best-in-class solution for straightforward flow monitoring of liquid processes. 

The SITRANS FS220 flow system consists of a SITRANS FST020 transmitter paired with SITRANS FSS200 clamp-on ultrasonic sensors, 

which are available in three different versions: WideBeam® (High-Precision), Universal and High-Temperature. 

The FSS200 sensors feature low maintenance and high precision – even for applications with high levels of aeration or suspended solids.



The SITRANS FS220 is a clamp-on ultrasonic flow system consisting of an FST020 transmitter and FSS200 clamp-on sensors.

The transmitter classification FST020 describes a basic clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for basic application requirements. 

Based on the same digitalized platform as the FST030 this system provides the same accuracy and similar functions on a lower cost level. 

This system is ideal for water measurement and any application not requiring temperature or viscosity compensation.



  • Easy installation at any time; no production stop, no need to cut pipe or stop flow

  • Minimal maintenance; external sensors do not require periodic cleaning

  • No moving parts to foul or wear. No contact with media

  • No pressure drop or energy loss

  • Wide turn-down ratio, bidirectional and high stability at zero flow conditions

  • Anomaly compensation tool for correction of non-ideal straight pipe runs. Automatic compensation during backflow

  • Optional WideBeam technology ensures highest performance and accuracy

  • Compatible with all previously installed transit time sensors




The SITRANS FS220 can be used for the following application conditions:

  • Pipe sizes from 10 mm to 10 m

  • Pipe materials: ideal for all metals, glass, FRP and most PVC variants; NOT for concrete pipes and special compound pipes

  • Pipe wall thickness from 1 to 35 mm; specials on request up to 65 mm

  • Media temperatures from -40 to 121 °C; universal high temperature sensors for up to 230 °C max.

  • Underground/submerged locations, non-ideal environments, strong pipe vibrations

SITRANS FS220 flowmeters are suitable for most clean liquid applications, including the following:

  • Water and wastewater industry

    • Potable water

    • Water and aqueous solutions

    • Wastewater, influent & effluent

    • Processed sewage, sludge

  • Chemical feed industry

    • Sodium hypochlorite

    • Sodium hydroxide

  • HVAC and power industries

    • Coolant flow

    • Fuel flow

    • Utility district heating, cooling

    • Refrigeration liquids

  • Process control

    • Chemicals

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Food products

    • Very low flow sensitiity (< 0.1 m/s)

    • High temperature liquids > 120 °C (248 °F)




  • Field clamp-on (non-intrusive)

  • Single channel

  • IP65 (NEMA 4X) wall mount constructed of polycarbonate

  • Available AC or DC power, 100 to 240 V AC, 11.5 to 28.5 V DC



  • 240x160 graphical display with 4 key navigation and backlight

  • 6 user programmable views for individual process and diagnostic info

  • Communications include Modbus RTU

  • 100 Hz update rate for all output on all primary process values

  • Independent low flow cut-off settings for volume and flow velocity

  • SensorFlash technology stores production specific system documentation and provides removable memory of all flow meter setups and functions

    • Calibration certificates (with ordered calibration)

    • Non-volatile memory backup of operational data

    • Transfer of user configuration to other flowmeters

    • 4GB SD card for storage and data logging

    • Audit trail of all parameter changes

    • Alarm logging - coming and going

    • Data logging over years, depending on selected interval time. Easy transfer in table calculation programs

  • Fully compatible with Siemens PDM version 8.2 service pack 1 or higher

  • Bidirectional flow operation

  • Menu language actual in English, German



Technical specifications


Flow range

±12 m/s (±40 ft/s), depending on pipe size higher or lower

Flow direction


Flow sensitivity

0.001 m/s (0.003 ft/s) flow rate independent

Digital inputs

Totalizer Hold

Optically isolated diode Activated On: Input voltage: 2 ... 10 V DC

Totalizer Reset

Optically isolated diode Activated On: Input voltage: 2 ... 10 V DC

Output Channel 1


4 ... 20 mA (isolated)

Externally powered 10 ... 30 V DC


30 V DC, 3 V AC max.

Pulse: 41.6 ms ... 5 s pulse duration

Frequency: 0 ... 12.5 kHz (50 % duty cylce)

Pulse rate

Optically isolated transistor 10 mA, 30 V DC max.


For velocities above 0.3 m/s (1 ft/s), ±1.0 % of flow


± 0.25 % (according to ISO 11631)

Zero Drift

0.1 % of rate; < ±0.001 m/s (±0.003 ft/s)

Data refresh rate

100 Hz

Transmitter conditions

Operating temperature

-10 … +50 °C (14 … 122 °F)

Storage temperature

-20 … +60 °C (-4 … +140 °F)

Degree of protection




1.4 kg (3.0 lb)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

176 x 240 x 87 mm (6.9 x 9.5 x 3.4 inch)

Enclosure material


Power supply

100 ... 240 V AC @ 20 VA or
11.5 ... 28.5 V DC @ 10 W

Certificates and approvals

Unclassified locations

  • General Safety



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