SIEMENS SITRANS FC410 for OEM customers Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis flowmeter systems New & Original with Good Rate

New & Original
SIEMENS SITRANS FC410 for OEM customers Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis flowmeter systems New & Original with Good Rate
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SIEMENS SITRANS FC410 for OEM customers Coriolis flow measurement 

Coriolis flowmeter systems New & Original




The SITRANS FC410 flowmeter solution is the lightest and most compact Coriolis system worldwide – you can reduce skid size, fit multiple units into the tightest areas, 

simplify installation into both new and existing applications, and minimize costs. 

The fully digital generation of compact flowmeters is tailored for direct integration into machine control systems. 

The built-in transmitter functionalities in the SITRANS FC410 allow for installation almost anywhere without the need for a discrete transmitter. 



The complete flowmeter system SITRANS FC consist of a new FCS400 sensor in sizes DN 15 to DN50 mm and 

a FCT030 multichannel/multifunctional in compact or remote versions, or a single Modbus-channel FCT010 transmitter in compact version. 

The flowmeter is based on the latest developments within digital signal processing technology – engineered for high measuring performance:

  • Fast response to rapid changes in flow

  • Fast dosing applications

  • High immunity against process noise

  • High turndown ratio of flowrates

  • Suitable for liquid and gas service

  • Easy to install, commission and maintain

  • Aerated flow filtering system, for advanced filtering of fluids with gas or air bubbles

  • Build in Data logger for all process variables and status messages (FCT030)

  • Build in Batch functionality (FCT030)

The SITRANS FC430 is available with current output HART 7.5, Modbus RS-485 RTU, PROFIBUS DP or PROFIBUS PA as standard on Channel 1. 

Additional I/O functions can be freely configured for analog, pulse, frequency, relay or status output, or binary input.

The transmitter comes with a user configurable graphical display and SensorFlash, a micro SD card for configuration backup, firmware update and data storage.


The SITRANS FC410 is available with a Modbus RTD output transferring all process values to a any PLC or DCS system like SIMATIC S7-1200; S7-1500 or PCS7. 

True multi-parameter measurements i.e. massflow, density, temperature.

The SITRANS FC410 is available with MODBUS RTU (RS-485) multi-drop serial communication.




  • It is truely compact and light, fitting neatly into dense piping arrangements

  • Easy maintenance because modules can be exchanged rapidly

  • Effective separation of measurement from plant vibration

  • Highly secure operation in safety critical applications

  • Non-volatile memory of all setup and operation data

  • Reliable measurements due to high signal to noise ratio

  • Secure, digital transfer of measurement data from the sensor

  • Shortest overall length; easy drop-in replacement into most existing installations



SITRANS FCS400 mass flowmeters are especially suitable for applications for machinebuilder, skid manufacturer and OEM's in general for

 the process industry where there is a demand for accurate flow measurement. The meter is capable of measuring both liquid and gas flow.

Coriolis flowmeters can be applied in all industries, such as:

  • Chemical: detergents, bulk chemicals, acids, alkalis, paint mixing systems, solvents and resins, fertilizer, technical gases

  • Oil & Gas Processing Up- Mid- Down stream: Well-head monitoring, oil separators, refineries control, furnace control

  • Hydrocarbon processing: oil refining, derivatives manufacturing, polymerization

  • Power industry processing

  • Marine Application: Fuel management & consumption; bunkering solutions; Boiler control

  • Food & Beverage: dairy products, beer, wine, Alcohol / spirit, soft drinks, °Brix/°Plato, fruit juices and pulps, bottling, CO2dosing, CIP/SIP-liquids, mixture recipe control

The multiple outputs and bus communication mean that all of the process information can be read either instantaneously (10 ms update) or periodically as plant operation requires.

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