SIEMENS Brand New SITRANS FC310 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis flowmeter systems Hot Sale for Very Good discount and warranty

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SIEMENS Brand New SITRANS FC310 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis flowmeter systems Hot Sale for Very Good discount and warranty
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Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis flowmeter systems 



With the SITRANS FC310 digital Coriolis flowmeter, you can fit more meters into less space and reduce skid size without compromising performance. 

The FC310 features an all-in-one design for streamlined installation, easy integration into your control 

system and optimal cost efficiency since you only pay for what you really need. 



The compact flowmeter SITRANS FC310 can be ordered for industrial, hygienic or NAMUR service.

Intended for integration into OEM skids, machines or pre-assembled plant systems, the flowmeter is based on the latest developments 

within digital signal processing technology - engineered for high measuring performance:

  • Fast response to rapid changes in flow

  • Fast dosing applications with control in host system

  • High immunity against process noise

  • High turndown ratio of flowrates

  • Suitable for liquid and gas service

  • Easy to install, commission and maintain

With all global marine approvals the FC310 is ideal for integration in ship fuel efficiency and environmental measurement systems as well as bunkering solutions.

The FCT010 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements i.e. massflow, density, temperature.

FC410 is available with Modbus RTU (RS-485) multi-drop serial communication.

The flowmeter is supplied with SensorFlash, a micro SD card containing all relevant certificates. 

The SITRANS FC310 flowmeter system consists of a SITRANS FCS300 sensor and a SITRANS FCT010 transmitter always compact mounted.



  • It is compact and light, fitting neatly into dense piping arrangements

  • Effective separation of measurement from plant vibration

  • Reliable measurements due to high signal to noise ratio

  • Short overall length; easy drop-in replacement into most existing installations

  • Direct connection to host with high-speed Modbus simplifies machine or skid construction and set-up

  • Modbus RS-485 RTU allows simple and easy integration with all Modbus masters with fast update rate of process values.



Technical specifications

Flowmeter SITRANS FC310


DN 15 (½")
DN 25 (1")
DN 50 (2")
DN 80 (3")
DN 100 (4")
DN 150 (6")


± 0.10 % or ±0.20 %
Addional ±0.40 % for gases


± 0.05 %

Flow range

(water @ 1 bar pressure loss)

  • DN 15

4 500 kg/h (163.3 lb/min)

  • DN 25

20 500 kg/h (753.2 lb/min)

  • DN 50

49 000 kg/h (1 800 lb/min)

  • DN 80

122 000 kg/h (4 483 lb/min)

  • DN 100

273 000 kg (10 031 lb/min)

  • DN 150

459 200 kg/h (16 873 lb/min)

Power supply

24 V DC ± 20 %; 110 mA


4.6 ... 207 kg


  • Sensor

  • Measuring tubes

316L stainless steel or Nickel Alloy C4

  • Enclosure

304 stainless steel

  • Transmitter

Aluminum with corrosion-resistant coating

Pressure ratings

  • Measuring tubes

  • 316L

100 bar (1450 psi)

  • Nickel-Alloy C4

100 bar (1450 psi)

  • Sensor enclosure

No pressure containment

Temperature ratings

  • Process medium

-50 ... +205 °C (-58 ... +400 °F)

  • Ambient

-40 ... +60 °C (-40 ... +140 °F)

Process connections

  • Flanges

EN 1092-1 B1, EN 1092-1 B2, EN 1092-1 D, ANSI/ASME B16.5, JIS B 2220

  • Pipe threads

ASME B1.20 (NPT) female pipe thread, ISO228-1 G female pipe thread (BSPP)

  • Hygienic threads

DIN 11851, SMS 1145

  • Hygienic clamps

DIN 32676 Serie A


  •  Hazardous area (zone 1)


  • Pressure equipment

PED, CRN (in preparation)

  • Hygienic

EHEDG (DN 25 ... 80) (in preparation)

  • Marine (in preparation)

Germanischer Lloyd/det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds of London, American Bureau of Shipping, RINA (Italy)


NAMUR-compliant (e.g. NE 21, NE 41 and NE 132)


Modbus RS-485 RTU

EMC performance


EN 55011/CISPR-11 (Class B)


EN/IEC 61326-1 (Industry)

Mechanical load

18 to 400 Hz random
The flow meter will mechanically tolerate 3.17 g RMS in all directions. Flow accuracy cannot be guaranteed under all conditions.

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