SIEMENS SITRANS FCT030 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty

New & Original
SIEMENS SITRANS FCT030 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty
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SIEMENS SITRANS FCT030 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters New & Original





Based on patented digital signal processing technology, the SITRANS FCT030 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements 

with enhanced efficiency, security and simplicity. It features a modular design for convenient installation and replacement as remote or compact mount version. 

Combinable with the entire SITRANS FC sensor range, the SITRANS FCT030 offers a uniform transmitter interface for the entire Coriolis portfolio. 



Flow calculation and measurement
  • Dedicated mass flow calculation with DSP technology

  • Fast dosing and flow step response with maximum 10 ms response time

  • 100 Hz update rate to all outputs

  • Maximum data age from pickup to output is 20 ms (two update cycles)

  • Independent low flow cut-off settings for mass and volume flowrates

  • Automatic zero-point adjustment on command from discrete input or host system

  • Empty pipe monitoring

Operation and display
  • User-configurable operation display

    • Full graphical display 240 x 160 pixels with up to 6 programmable views

    • Self-explaining alarm handling/log in clear text

    • Help text for all parameters appears automatically in the configuration menu

    • Keypad can be used for controlling dosing as start/stop/ hold/reset

  • SensorFlash technology stores production specific system documentation and provides removable memory of all flowmeter setups and functions

    • Calibration certificates

    • Pressure and material test certificates (as ordered)

    • Non-volatile memory backup of operational data

    • Transfer of user configuration to other flowmeters

    • Alarm history log

    • Parameter change log

    • Logging of min and max process values

    • Data logging of process values and parameter

Alarms and safety
  • Advanced diagnosis and service menu enhances troubleshooting and meter validation

  • Configurable upper and lower alarm and warning limits for all process values

  • Alarm handling can be selected between Siemens and NAMUR standard configurations

  • FCT030 is in preparation to be certified for integrated safety in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 as a compact FC330

    • SIL 2 (single-channel operation) in preparation

    • SIL 3 (dual-channel operation) in preparation

Outputs and control
  • Built-in dosing controller with compensation and monitoring comprising 3 built-in totalizers

  • Multi-parameter outputs, individually configurable for massflow, volumeflow, standard volumeflow, density, temperature or fraction flow such as °Brix or °Plato

Up to four I/O channels are configured as follows:

Channel 1

Channel 1 is 4 to 20 mA analog output with HART 7.5, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RS-485 RTU. 

The current signal can be configured for massflow, volumeflow or density, standard volume flow, medium temperature, Fraction A and B and Fraction A% and B%.

Channel 2

Channel 2 is a signal output which can be freely configured for any process variable.

  • Analog current (0/4 to 20 mA)

  • 3 stage analog valve dosing control

  • Frequency or pulse

  • Digital one or two-valve dosing control in combination with channel 3 or 4

  • Operational and alarm status

Channels 3 and 4

Channels 3 and 4 can be ordered with signal (freely configured for any process variable) or relay outputs, or signal input.


Signal output can be user configured to:

  • Analog current (0/4 to 20 mA)

  • 3 stage analog valve dosing control

  • Frequency or pulse

  • Redundant frequency or pulse (linked to Channel 2)

  • Digital one or two-valve dosing control

  • Operational and alarm status


Relay output(s) can be user configured to:

  • Digital one or two-valve dosing control

  • Operation status including flow direction

  • Alarm status

Signal input

Signal input can be user-configured for

  • Dosing control

  • Totalizer reset functions

  • Force or freeze output(s)

  • Inititate automatic zero point adjustment

Signal outputs and inputs for non hazardous areas can be changed for active or passive operations by dip switch.

For hazardous areas Signal outputs and inputs can't be changed by dip switch, and has to selected individually by ordering.

During service and maintenance all outputs can be forced to a preset value for simulation, verification or calibration purposes.

Approvals and certificates

The FCT030 coriolis flowmeter program was designed from the ground up to comply with or exceed the requirements of international standards and regulations.



SITRANS FCT030 transmitters are suitable for applications within the entire process industry where there is a demand for accurate flow measurement. The meter is capable of measuring both liquid and gas flow.

Coriolis flowmeters can be applied in all industries, such as:

  • Chemical & Pharma: detergents, bulk chemicals, acids, alkalis, paint mixing systems, solvents and resins, pharmaceuticals, blood products, vaccines, insulin production

  • Food & Beverage: dairy products, beer, wine, soft drinks, °Brix/°Plato, fruit juices and pulps, bottling, CO2 dosing, CIP/SIP-liquids, mixture recipe control

  • Automotive: fuel injection nozzle & pump testing, filling of AC units, engine consumption

  • Oil & Gas: filling of gas bottles, furnace control, test separators

  • Hydrocarbon processing: oil refining, derivatives manufacturing, polymerisation

  • Water & Waste Water: dosing of chemicals for water treatment

The multiple outputs and bus communication mean that all of the process information can be read either instantaneously (10 ms update) or periodically as plant operation requires.




The following functions are available:

  • Mass flowrate, volume flowrate, density, process temperature, frame temperature, fraction flow

  • Up to four output/input channels selected at ordering

  • Outputs can be individually configured with mass, volume, density etc.

  • Three built-in totalizers which can count forward, backward or forward and backward

  • Low flow cut-off, adjustable

  • Density cut-off or empty pipe cut-off, adjustable

  • Flow direction adjustable

  • Alarm system consisting of alarm-log, alarm pending menu

  • Internal data logger is updated each 10 minutes with operational data such as system health, totalizer values, all configurations and data needed for custody transfer requirements to OIML R 117 and NTEP

  • Display of operating time with real-time clock. Daylight saving time is not implemented

  • Uni/bidirectional flow measurement

  • Flowrate outputs are freely configurable between maximum negative and maximum positive flows according to the sensor capacity

  • Limit switches programmable for flow, density, temperature or fraction process values. Limit points can be graded as warning and alarm for values both above and below nominal process conditions

  • Process noise filter for optimization of measurement performance under non-ideal application conditions. 5-stage pumping filter compensates for flow fluctuations caused by e.g. single acting piston pumps

  • Full dosing controller with 5 user-configurable recipes

  • Automatic zero adjustment menu, with zero point evaluation display

  • Full service menu for effective and straight forward application and meter troubleshooting

  • Precise temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on massflow, density and fraction flow.

  • Fraction flow computation is based on a 5th-order algorithm matching known applications.

  • Audit trail information, stores parameters changes with time stamp information

  • Simulation of process values, status information and alarms

  • Aerated flow filtering system, for advanced filtering of fluids with gas or air bubbles

  • Datalogging of process values and parameter changes on SensorFlash

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