SIEMENS SIFLOW FC070 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty

New & Original
SIEMENS SIFLOW FC070 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters New & Original with very competitive price and One year Warranty
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SIEMENS SIFLOW FC070 Coriolis flow measurement Coriolis transmitters 




With SIFLOW FC070 Siemens has developed the first flow transmitter designed for direct integration 

into SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS7 automation systems. SIFLOW FC070 is a true multiparameter Coriolis 

mass flow transmitter covering the full repertoire within flow applications and industries, ready for quick 

installation and system integration. SIFLOW FC070 is suitable for any application in automated industries 

where there is a demand for accurate flow measurement. The SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT is 

custody transfer approved for high pressure natural gas used in CNG dispensers.


SIFLOW FC070 is based on the latest developments within the digital processing technology – 

engineered for high performance, fast flow step response, immunity against process generated noise, easy to install, commission and maintain.

SIFLOW FC070 is available in two versions:

  • SIFLOW FC070 Standard

  • SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT

The SIFLOW FC070 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements i.e. mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction.

SIFLOW FC070 is designed for integration in a variety of automation systems, i.e.:

  • Central mounted in S7-300, C7

  • Decentralized in ET 200M for use with S7-300 and S7-400 as PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET masters

  • Decentralized in ET 200M for use with any automation system using standardized PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET masters

  • Stand-alone via a Modbus RTU master, i.e. SIMATIC PDM

The SIFLOW FC070 transmitter can be connected to all sensors of types MASS 2100, FCS200 and FC300.




  • Easy integration in SIMATIC S7 and PCS 7

  • Support of SIMATIC PDM configuration tool via Modbus

  • Dedicated mass flow chip with high-performance ASIC technology

  • True 30 Hz update rate securing fast batching and step response

  • Superior noise immunity due to a DFT (Discrete Fourier Transformation) algorithm.

  • Front end resolution better than 0.35 ns improves zero point stability and enhances dynamic turn-down ratio on flow and density accuracy.

  • Advanced diagnostics enhancing troubleshooting and meter verification.

  • Built-in batch controller with two-stage control and compensation

  • Digital outputs for direct batch control, frequency/pulse

  • Modbus RTU RS232/485 interface for connection to SIMATIC PDM or any other Modbus master

  • Digital input for batch control, zero adjust

  • Extensive simulation options for measurement values, I/O and errors easy communication/fault-finding

  • Multiple LED's for easy indication of flow, error and I/O state

  • SENSORPROM technology automatically configures the transmitter during start-up providing:

    • Factory pre-programming with calibration data, pipe size, sensor type and I/O settings

    • Any values or settings changed by the user is stored automatically

    • Automatically re-programming of a new transmitter, without loss of settings and accuracy

    • Transmitter replacement in less than 30 seconds

  • Four-wire Pt1000 measurement ensuring optimum accuracy mass flow, density and fraction flow

  • Fraction flow computation based on 3rd-order algorithm matching all applications

  • SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT can be used for custody transfer approved application.

    (Compressed gaseous fuel measuring systems for vehicles), when using the redundant digital

    output or the encrypted ActiveX component for SIMATIC touch panels.

    The approval will hav eto be done locally at the customer

  • Free of charge ActiveX component for SIMATIC touch panels, enables encrypted sensor

    process values to be communicated between SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT and SIMATIC touch panels.



SIFLOW FC070 mass flowmeters are suitable for all applications within the entire process industry, 

where there is a demand for accurate flow measurement. The meters are suitable for measuring on liquid and gas.

The main applications for the SIFLOW FC070 transmitter can be found in the following industries:

  • Food and beverage

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Automotive

  • Oil and gas

  • Power generation and utility

  • Water and waste water




SIFLOW FC070 is designed in an IP20 SIMATIC S7-300 enclosure and for use in central 

and de-central cabinets where sensors: FCS200, FC300 and MASS 2100 are remotely mounted.



The following key functionalities are available:

  • Mass flow rate, volume flow rate, density, temperature and fraction flow

  • Two built-in totalizers which can freely be set for counting mass, volume or fraction

  • 1 frequency/pulse output

  • 1 phase shifted 90º/180º frequency/pulse output

  • Two-stage batch controller

  • 1 digital input

  • Low flow cut-off

  • Empty pipe detection

  • Noise filter settings for different applications

  • Simulation

  • Automatic zero point adjustment with zero point evaluation feed back

  • Configurable upper and lower alarm and warning limits for all process values

  • Comprehensive status and error reporting



Technical specifications

Measurement of

Mass flow, volume flow, density, sensor temperature, fraction A flow, fraction B flow, fraction A in %

Measurement functions

  • Totalizer 1

Totalization of mass flow, volume flow, fraction A, fraction B

  • Totalizer 2

Totalization of mass flow, volume flow, fraction A, fraction B

  • Single and 2-stage batch function

Batching function with the use of one or two outputs for dosing in high and low speed

  • 4 programmable limits

4 programmable high/low limits for mass flow, volume flow, density, sensor temperature, 

fraction A flow, fraction B flow, fraction A in %. Limits will generate an alarm if reached.

Digital input


Start batch, stop batch, start/stop batch, hold/continue batch, reset totalizer 1, reset totalizer

 2, reset totalizer 1 and 2, zero adjust, force frequency output, freeze frequency output

High signal

  • Nominal voltage: 24 V DC

  • Lower limit: 15 V DC

  • Upper limit: 30 V DC

  • Current: 2 … 15 mA

Low signal

  • Nominal voltage: 0 V DC

  • Lower limit: -3 V DC

  • Upper limit: 5 V DC

  • Current: -15 … +15 mA


Approx. 10 kΩ


Max. 100 Hz

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