In Stock Testo 810 - Infrared thermometer Order-Nr. 0560 0810 New & Original With very Competitive price and One year Warranty

New & Original
In Stock Testo 810 - Infrared thermometer Order-Nr. 0560 0810 New & Original With very Competitive price and One year Warranty
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testo 810 - Infrared thermometer

Order-Nr.  0560 0810

* Simultaneous measurement of the surface temperature and air temperature

* Non-contact measurement of the surface temperature (infrared thermometer)

* Display of the temperature difference

* Adjustable emission level

The testo 810 infrared thermometer allows the simultaneous measurement of the air temperature and surface temperature of the object being measured - without contact. 

The infrared temperature measuring instrument automatically displays the temperature difference. 

This makes it particularly suitable for use in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade.


Product Description

Testo 810 measures the temperature on two channels. On the one hand, being an infrared thermometer it can take non-contact surface 

temperature measurements of the object being measured; on the other hand, it can measure the air temperature using its additionally integrated NTC sensor. 

The infrared temperature measuring instrument displays the temperature difference directly on the illuminated display. 

Functions and applications of the testo 810 infrared thermometer

The testo 810 infrared temperature measuring instrument is extremely well suited to use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. 

At the touch of a button, you can measure the surface temperature of radiators, air vents, or windows and compare these to the air temperature.

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-10 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C

Measuring rate

0.5 s

Temperature - Infrared

Measuring range

-30 to +300 °C


±2.0 °C (-30 to +100 °C)

±2 % of mv Remaining Range

Measuring rate

0.5 s

Infrared resolution

0.1 °C

General technical data


119 x 46 x 25 (incl. protective cap)

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 °C

Protection class


Battery type

2 AAA micro batteries

Battery life

50 h (average, without display illumination)


90 g (incl. battery and protective cap)

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