testo 425 - Thermal anemometer with flow probe New & Original with very Competitive price & One Year Warranty

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testo 425
 testo 425 - Thermal anemometer with flow probe New & Original with very Competitive price & One Year Warranty
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testo 425 - Thermal anemometer with flow probe

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  • Temperature and flow measurement as well as volumetric flow calculation

  • Permanently attached extendible telescopic probe – maximum length 820 mm, diameter 7.5 mm

  • With single and multi-point averaging

  • Hold function, display of min/max value, Auto-off function

The functional testing of veAand air conditioning systems includes monitoring the flow speed in ventilation ducts. 

If the air flow velocity and volumetric flow are not set correctly, the room air quality may suffer. 

The testo 425 thermal anemometer measures the flow speed and automatically calculates the volumetric flow.

testo 425 thermal anemometer for quick, easy flow measurement

The testo 425 thermal anemometer enables quick spot measurements in ventilation ducts. 

It records the flow speed, calculates the volumetric flow and also measures the temperature. With a measuring range of 0 to +20 m/s, the anemometer is particularly well suited to low air flow velocity.

The thermal anemometer features a telescopic flow probe. The telescope can be extended to a length of up to 820 mm and has a probe head diameter of 7.5 mm.

As well as flow speed, would you also like to detect the volumetric flow on your air conditioning or ventilation system? 

This is no problem for the testo 425 thermal anemometer. When you input the duct surface area, it automatically calculates the volumetric flow during the flow measurement. 

Single and multi-point averaging provides an indicator of the average volumetric flow, flow speed and temperature reading.

You can read off the current readings and the min/max and calculated mean value at any time on the illuminated display. Using the Hold button, 

you can freeze the current reading in order to compare it with another value, for example. 

If you should ever forget to switch off the anemometer, the Auto-off function will take care of this for you. 

This conserves your batteries and ensures that your thermal anemometer is ready for use in the next measurement.


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